I like to think I've adopted my mother's eye for beauty. But I did what all artists should do: train ourselves to identify the “Prime Specimens” in our studies. We must study the work of masters. The work of ancient cultures is the best way to gain perspective on the intelligence of these masters.

Early in life I focused on the studying the “mystery schools” of Ancient Egypt, and learned how the Egyptian masters constructed their designs. It didn’t take long to realize that they were attempting to communicate something beyond the obvious. A deeper structure started to emerge. I can only show you some of the tricks they commonly used to lure people in, not what I learned along the way.

To crack a masterpiece, look for “Triggers” - the first type of trigger is an obvious straight line. With a straightedge and a pen, simply extend that line in both directions. Observe where it goes, what it intersects with, where it meets the frame, and notice the coincidences that emerge as you follow a chain of logical actions…

If it’s made by a master, you will be lured into their puzzle.

- Thomas Edward Hoppe