The Elephant Circle

Honorable mentions:

@erendwolfe was the first person to throw down a guess.  “Fiddleheads and an Asian pear on a bed of sunflowers.”

@leximartinrealator was the first person to suggest an octopus which is not a bad guess.  When I met her, I was painting a giant octopus and it makes sense that she would see that.  She is also highly intelligent like an octopus.

@andybswift threw down two of the best guesses I’ve ever heard - “Very FULL bagpipes! Was my initial guess however on closer inspection it’s the top of cupcake or muffin decorated elaborately.”

@burning_visionary wrote: “a sunflower head covered by cloth and a leather blatter of some sort. All of that rested atop a sunflower seed can or a tin of some sort.”

I’m not going to go through all of them or this would be a novel, but I wanted to give the most beautiful comment, in my opinion, by @my_humbleart who wrote: “I don't know why but my first impression is that this is about a huge shaped heart carefully placed on an antique bench waiting to be repaired”

The winners:

was Devin O’Keane who wrote: “I see an elephant with its trunk wound behind its head.”

Well done!!!

Later that night Ryan DeClerck described it with amazing accuracy.  (He is really good at this game btw.  He almost guessed my last experiment - which nobody has solved yet fyi, but he was remarkably close).

He wrote: “Ganesha! it has a tinge of circus with the sunflower platform, so maybe the dumbo version of Ganesha inspired by living in the dumbo in NYC. Definitely looks like the tusk with the tip sawed or broken off, hence the Ganesha. Maybe Ganesha is doing some serious yoga with the blanket covering his knees meditating while cross legged.”

Nick Rosenthal @newnorthnar got it on Instagram through deductive reasoning… Typical of a prophet. He wrote: “Tusk to the right, trunk coiling the right ear,” “perspective a few feet away from the head of the bed, same height as bed frame?” - “Sleeping Elephant. 100%”

And finally @babettesimone wrote “I think it looks like an elephant all curled up and cuddled under a blanket atop a little bed of petals.”

Thomas Hoppe