I remember it very clearly… It was on this same day, January 02 many many years ago, that I finally made a firm resolution that every time my night turned to day I would stop.  I would prepare myself to see the sun as it really is, and hold as true that the Earth is spinning on its axis, with me on it…

This took roughly half of the year and a great deal of discipline, but eventually, I rid myself of the illusion that the sun was in motion. 

It would never rise above me, traverse my sky, control me, or surprise me.  I felt the force of the earth’s movement; It’s incredible mass, and the violent speed at which we spin on the axis, and conversely I felt that we travel very slowly about the sun in our orbit of a year.

To cement this habit in my mind I used an early iteration of our “orbit calendar” - (an image of which you will find below).  I used it daily as you can see - indicated by the radial lines. I drew one line each day to remind me to be mindful at all times and to know that the sun is standing still. 

Entrain your mind to see the correct perception of reality, the one that is in alignment with the truth.


- Thomas Edward Hoppe

Thomas Hoppe
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