"Peruvian Snail Mug"My family home is like a history museum - Art and artifacts from all over the world intermingle seamlessly. It’s quite surreal - Portuguese puppets, voodoo dolls, Tibetan mountain horns, porcelain elephants, exotic bird cages, Chinese peasant paintings… The list goes on and on.

My mother has spent her life collecting authentic oddities from cultures all around the globe. Her style is both bizarre and beautiful.

Before I was born, my parents lived in South America, where they traveled around collecting all kinds of things. The collection of dolls is spectacular; meticulously labeled with the date and the country it was acquired - This has provided me with endless inspiration.

Anyone who has met my mother would agree she has exquisite taste… an eye for quality, proportions, and most notably her fearless use of bold colors.

This was the world I found myself in as a child… these objects of my reality gradually became the subjects of my study.

This image demonstrates my personal method for analyzing the harmonics of objects… The subject is a miniature Peruvian mug.

To be continued…