Technically speaking, this is the Analytical Cubism of a Peruvian Nativity Doll, painted in the color key equivalent to the C Major scale… Well if you made it to the second sentence I will translate that... This is a painting of a Peruvian doll, that is constantly being moved around during the design process. This method is fun and challenging, and the end result is recognizable because we see multiple instances of the doll and often, the merging and chopping (cubism) creates impossible structures that defy logic and gravity.

As for the colors… C Major is a musical scale that sounds uplifting and happy. (sickeningly happy if you ask me) - the colors are restricted to the same scale degrees and consequently they radiate harmony. I painted this in a low octave so the low values make it tolerable.

Want to try analytical cubism? It’s super fun. Pick an interesting object to draw, place it on the table, and start drawing it. Then after a period of time, keep your eye locked in place on the doll, pivot / turn the doll in some interesting way and keep drawing. Pivot again as you please. There are no rules. My advice is to remain acutely aware of how the whole thing is going to balance as a composition in the end.

Your finished design is rightfully considered to be art that plays in the 4th dimension… aka Time. In fact, it is perfect for people who don’t have much free time to dedicate to Art… Analytical cubism is the perfect activity because you are picking it up and putting it down anyways. That’s the basic nature of the style.
- Thomas Edward Hoppe