Limited Edition, Open Edition, and Numbered Edition Prints.  What's The Difference?


Limited Edition Prints:

As the name suggests, only a limited number of prints can be made available for purchase. For example, if we decide to sell a limited run of 25 prints, once those 25 prints have sold, that limited edition will no longer be available and we cannot sell any more. The exclusive nature of a limited edition print effectively raises its value and, therefore, its price.  These can be extremely valuable collectors items.


Open Edition Prints:

Unlike limited edition prints, open edition prints may be endlessly reproduced. Because there's no limit to the number of prints that can be made, an open edition print is priced lower than a limited edition print.


Numbered Edition Prints:

A Numbered Edition lies somewhere between a Limited and an Open Edition.  The "silk screen" we use to make multiple prints will deteriorate after 200 - 300 prints making it unusable.  A Numbered edition will often go all the way up to 200 - 300 prints before ending.  The prints are numbered sequentially and when the screen has deteriorated, we will never print the image again.