We made an epic business pivot in the last two months.  You know we have been working our way into the fashion industry for about a year now, and it is only the 2 us doing everything from the website to creating content and managing 6 social platforms... campaigns and all. 

This has been a lot of work but because of our size, we can outmaneuver anyone and pivot on a dime.

The business plan has hundreds of parts.  Thumbtacked to the long studio wall like lily pads (a method we invented and swear by), the idea is to jump from stage to stage forward or pivot forward...  We jumped halfway across the wall and miraculously landed it.  We are now roughly where we planned to be a year and a half from now!

So if you want to know what's new, the easy answer is... Everything.

1. We broke up with all Chinese factories

2. Every piece we will be selling is drawn by hand and silkscreened, with precision in our ATL Studio