You should know about this character. Her name is Miss Viola… She is one of the 7 Oracles that you will see in my work. I designed her while living in the Barn (1996-2000). I was, at this point, 2 or 3 years removed from the influence of other artists or teachers.

I worked in theory books and It was unavoidable that, when using a compass, the points would press through one page and leave their mark on the next. I had been working out the geometry of a Guarneri family Viola one day, and that night I plotted the stars of Ursa Minor.

On the reverse side of this design you would find the constellation, and the viola - Those points, marking the stars in reverse, and those points which trace the acoustic curve of the viola were used to construct this Oracle.
She is a mix of a viola and the female form linked by the stars. You will learn a lot about her as we continue to move forward.