If you take an X-ray of the painting titled “Miss Viola’s Room” you would see that Miss Viola is not just placed in a room, but rather, the room is emanating from the center of her head - radiating outwards in a geometric structure composed of star pentagrams.

Despite the complexity hinted at by the X-ray, the visible layers of the painting obscure these intricate details with numerous layers of paint. What remains for the viewer is the depiction of a figure situated within her environment. However, the final rendition, which is significantly simplified, should retain enough complexity to serve as a solvable puzzle. Solving this puzzle brings the underlying structure to the surface and allows for a deeper exploration into the painting’s meaning. No need for X-ray imaging.

Questions naturally arise about Miss Viola - her identity, gaze, the nature of her room, her connection to the surrounding environment. From the outset, It was my intention to give her consciousness and the point of consciousness must always be hidden.

Moving forward, it is important to interpret what I write in your own way. It is not too complex for you to understand. Make it your own as if it came from your own thoughts. If I speak of a figure in an environment, I am also talking about a musical figure in an environment, a colored object against a backdrop, a doll in the room of a doll house, and most importantly I am speaking of you in your own reality.